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Interactive Smart Technologies FEZ LLC is a technology company established in 2021 in the “Alliance” Free Economic Zone by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenian. The production continues the experience of Armenia in the electronic sphere, especially the one that is Mars robotics factory, in the territory of which the institution is located.

During the year, our company produced and exported various assortments of electronics։ cameras, notebooks, computers, servers, 3D printers, interactive panels, and digital labs.

Currently, intensive work is being held to increase the variety of models as our company is ready to accept all the challenges of the time, without setting boundaries.
Our company cooperates with Engineering City, RAO Mars and Mergelyan Institute which are experienced masters in this field.

We have gathered a team of skilled professionals who make all our ideas a reality.

We firmly believe that in this century technology should be available to all segments of society and our goal is to create affordable and quality products.

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