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Educational and demonstration stand ViLab PHyiso Digital Physiology Laboratory

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Provides research on the functioning of the human body



Wireless multi-sensor for environmental monitoring with 5 built-in sensors 

Blood pressure sensor (from 0 to 250 mmHg)

Pulse sensor (from 30 to 200 bpm) 

Sensor for measuring body temperature (from 25 to 40 ºС) 

Respiratory Rate Sensor (0 to 10 cycles/min)

Acceleration sensor (from -2 to +2 g; from -4 to +4 g; from -8 to +8 g) 

Individual sensors

ECG sensor (from -300 to +300 mV) 

Force meter sensor (from 0 to 40N) 

Light sensor (from 0 to 180000lx) 

Cable for connecting sensors (Set of 4 cables) 


Equipment and accessories:

Charger with miniUSB cable;

USB Bluetooth Low Energy adapter version 4.1 or higher;

Quick Lab Operation Guide

USB connection cable

Product passport

Technical istruction

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