Interactive panel

Interactive panel (complex) ArtPanel 75-IN-Z

  • LCD size : 75``
  • Resolution: 3840x2160p
  • Dioganal size: 1880 mm
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    LCD size 75``
    Resolution: 3840x2160p

    Dioganal size: 1880 mm

    Screen resolution when working without a computing unit: 3840x2160 p;
    Built-in speaker system
    Simultaneously recognized touch screen touches: 20 touches
    Screen touch height: 3 mm from the surface;
     Sensor response time: 8 ms;
    Touch object recognition function (finger or batteryless stylus): availability
    Supported batteryless styluses at the same time: 2pcs
    Connecting to an Ethernet network in a wired and wireless way (Wi-Fi): availability;
    RAM: 4GB;
    ROM:  32GB; 

    Number of built-in 100/1000 Ethernet ports: 1;
    Free USB 3.0 ports:  3;
    USB 3.0 Туре А: on the front side
    USB 3.0: on the side;
    USB Туре B on the front side

    USB Type С with digital video transmission function
    Protective shutter for ports on the front side;
    2 HDMI ports: on the front side;Biometric identification for excluding unauthorized access;

    The ability to use the palm as an erasing tool or to ignore screen touches with the palm of a hand

    Integrated light sensor for automatic backlight brightness correction

    All available digital video input and output ports support the maximum screen resolution and frequency

    Integrated functions for broadcasting the screen or part of it to the students’ connected devices, including remotely, with the possibility of subsequent saving and editing the transcript of the lesson;

    Built-in induction and acoustic system: 40 W.

    Built-in speaker power 20 W

    Built-in microphone



    Computing unit, installed in a specialized slot on the frame of the interactive complex, allows you to remove and install the unit without disassembling the interactive complex;

    Connector for connecting the computing unit with power supply contacts of the computing unit from the built-in power supply unit of the interactive complex, and with contacts for connecting a digital video signal and USB for connecting a touch sensor

    ​​Resolution at the video adapter output of the computing unit when working with the interactive complex: 3840x2160 pixels at 60 Hz

    Processor: intelcorei5 8250

    Processor cores of the computing unit: 4

    Processor threads of the computing unit: 8

    The base clock frequency of the computing unit processor: 1.6 GHz

    The maximum clock frequency of the computing unit processor: 3.4 GHz

    Processor cache of the computing unit: 6 MB

    RAM of the computing unit: 8 GB

    ROM of the computing unit: 240GB

    Computing unit with wireless Wi-Fi module

    The maximum level of noise during the operation of the computing unit: 30 dBA

    Mobile metal mount for outdoor installation of the interactive complex with the ability to fix the position according to the height



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